Ride & Stride 2021


Ride & Stride is a major source of income for the Northamptonshire Historic Church's Trust, enabling them to make approved grants to places of Christian worship within the County.

Each year, on the 2nd Saturday in September, sponsored Ride & Striders travel throught out the County, visiting Christian Chapels and Church's, and raising much-needed funds to support the Trust.

That which follows is a record of Rodneys sponsored cycle ride through the County town of Oundle and surrounding villages.


Hello and thank you for visiting St Michaels web site. I have used hype links to attach pictures and similar. 

My sponsored cycle ride took me to 16 churches and chapels..To view the sequence and timings please left click:  /content/pages/documents/jpg-form-2.jpg


Many churches are staffed by volunteers offering refreshments and conversation. However not all. You may enter an open, but silent village church. Welcomed by stillness and the rhythmical ticking of a church clock. A powerfull emotion of prayer may surround and envelopes you.

St Marys the Blessed Virgin, Warmington.



Keeping to the quiet back lanes between villages, and after the initial frenzy of "getting on with it", you adjust to the beauty of the natural world. People known to you but now departed may come strongly into your mind. At that moment I saw a cloud formation that stopped me in my tracks.




Also, you need to recharge the energy bank. Unfortunately, serving up starts at 6pm. Can not stop, must get on. Lutton Village Hall.



St Peters Church, Lutton. Please look to the bottom right-hand corner. A Stars & Stripes set upon a table. A memorial to young Americans who flew from surrounding airfields.

We will remember them.



St Peter & St Paul, Hemington. I am greeting by two Tea Angels. Dispensing nourishment, conversation and sticky flapjacks to the weary traveller. Wonderfull.



And now for something very different. St Margaret’s Church, Luddington in the Brook - "DRAGONS" and a maze.

Interesting websites for the Church, the school and a local artist group. Have a Google search, if able.








Saint Andrew's Church, Barnwell. On my arrival - a festival of "Cream Tea's". in full swing.

Amazing up-lighters in Church, and the East Window, wow.




As in previous years, the journey between Villages and Churches becomes a spiritual pilgrimage through Northamptonshire. So close to the natural world,

Thank you.